How to request transcripts from outside Dhahran

  • Each transcript costs SAR 11.50/- (including VAT)
  • Deposit the amount in Riyad Bank account No. 3120158799901, IBAN: SA8920000003120158799901. Payment should be in the name of KFUPM.
  • Send the copy of the payment receipt along with your request to the office of the University Registrar by fax No. +966138602028 or thru email registrar@kfupm.edu.sa . The request for transcript should contain student name and his ID number, mailing address, copy of Saudi ID card (for Saudis) and copy of passport (for Non-Saudis).
  • Transcript can be either mailed to the given address or can be collected by an authorized person provided he has authorization to collect the transcript.