FAQ - Registration

  1. I have early-registered for the current term. Do I need to submit registration confirmation ?

    Yes, all Preparatory, undergraduate and graduate students (except those who are registered in coop/summer training) should submit registration confirmation through KFUPM Portal during the registration confirmation period.

  2. If I do not confirm my registration through portal, what will happen to my registration?

    All your courses will be dropped after the deadline for registration confirmation.

  3. I have early-registered for Coop (or summer training). Do I need to confirm?

    No, Students who are expected to go on coop or summer training program are not required to submit registration confirmation through the portal.

  4. I have registration hold? What should I do to remove the hold?

    Students who have registration hold should contact the concerned office for hold clearance. Upon getting clearance, they need to contact our office to remove the hold.

  5. What should I do to add, drop or change section?

    You can do these activities through the portal during the designated period

  6. Do I have to register at least 12 credit hours in the current term?

    Yes, as per academic regulations, undergraduate students must register at least 12 Credit Hours in the current term.

    Note: Students who are expected to graduate in current term and are left with less than 12 credit hours to complete graduation requirements are exempted from this rule.

  7. I had early-registered in course(s) which require(s) pre-requisite that has not been taken (or failed in the previous terms). What should I do?

    You need to drop the course which requires pre-requisite and add some other course during the registration period.

  8. What should I do to add a closed section?

    You need to contact Department offering the course, or enlist in the waitlist section (lecture sections only). Undergraduate Students can submit E-petition to the department for closed section approval.

  9. I have already registered for waitlist section. What will happen next?

    Seat opens only if someone drops or enrollment of the section is increased. Waitlist does not guarantee seat. It is advisable to look for open course/section. It is priority based waitlist. First priority within the waitlist is for senior student. Priority can also be changed by department depending on the need of the student.

    Once the seat is available for you in the waitlist section, you will receive an email notification indicating that you have a chance to convert your Waitlisted Registration to Regular Registration for a particular section. Validity of the approval is time bound and you must convert the section from waitlisted to web-registered during the specified timeframe.

  10. I have received email notification to convert my Waitlisted Registration to Regular Registration. What will happen if I do not add the course during the timeframe mentioned in the notification?

    The above opportunity to register in the CRN is time bound and will lapse if not utilized during the given time frame and you will have to re-register in the Waitlist.

  11. I have received email notification to covert my Waitlisted Registration to Regular Registration. However, all Lab sections are closed?

    You need to contact Department offering the course for closed section approval for the Lab section. Please note, if you get the lab section approval, you must register the course within the timeframe mentioned in the waitlist notification.

  12. I am already registered in a section of a course, & I want to change the section; can I enlist in a waitlist of another section of that course?

    We regret to inform you that this is not permitted.

  13. I am newly promoted freshmen Student and have not registered for courses before?

    Students who are newly promoted to freshmen level will be able to add courses thru portal during the designated period (see registration events).

  14. I have already registered for Coop program in term 211. How can I drop Coop and early register for courses?

    You need to contact Coop & Summer Training Office at Deanship of Student Affairs in this regard.

  15. Is there any limit of the number of transactions?

    Yes, each student is assigned limited number of transactions.

  16. What should I do if I forget my Portal password?

    In case you forgot your password, contact ITC help desk through email. In addition, students are advised to visit portal and ensure that they can login to the portal without any problems before the Registration period.