FAQ - Student Educational Planner

  1. Is there guidelines or a tutorial on how to build a plan using SEP?

    Yes, guidelines as well tutorial for SEP for students can be viewed in the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) website.

  2. I have built my plan in SEP. What should I do next?

    Ensure that your plan is active, and then Contact your advisor to lock your plan. Locking of plan by advisor will be considered as an approval for early registration.

  3. I have already built my plan in previous term. Do I need to contact my advisor to lock the plan?

    Yes, students who have already built their plan in previous term should also need to contact their advisors to lock their plan, as all the plans locked in previous term by the advisors have been unlocked for students to make modifications (if any) in their plan.

  4. Is it necessary to build the plan for all terms until graduation?

    Yes, you need to build the plan for all terms until graduation. It will help you to track your progress as well as help the academic departments to predict course demand in future terms.

  5. How can I know my academic advisor?

    Go to KFUPM portal and click on the Registrar Services tab. In the Academic profile channel, select the current term and you will be able to view your academic advisor’ name.

  6. Can I modify my academic plan after getting the advisor approval?

    Yes, you need to contact your advisor to unlock your plan in order to make modifications. Then, you need to ask your advisor to lock your plan again.

  7. I am currently registered /early registered in Internship/Coop/Summer Training, should I prepare my academic plan using SEP?

    Yes, all undergraduate students must prepare an academic plan for the all upcoming terms until graduation.

  8. Can I early register for the following term(s) without getting the advisor approval?

    No, in order to register in the following term(s) you must get your advisor’s approval for early registration.

  9. I am a Senior student. Do I need to build a plan?

    All undergraduate students must prepare a plan all terms until graduation. However, only students who are expected to graduate in the current term don’t need to build a plan.

  10. In case I couldn’t register one of the courses in my plan, can I register a different course then update the plan later?

    Yes, you can register another course based on the situation and then make the changes in your plan later.

  11. Shall I register all courses according to my plan for a given term, or can I register courses based on course availability?

    It is advisable to follow your locked plan. However, you can register other courses based on course availability, and later adjust your plan accordingly.

  12. I got SEP hold. How can I remove it?

    In order to remove the hold, you must contact your advisor to lock your active plan and then remove the hold.