Advisor Approval for Early Registration of term 202

Starting from Sunday, 25th Oct onwards.

1. All Undergraduate & Graduate Students (excluding Coop registered Students, and Students expected to graduate in term 201) are required to meet with their Academic Advisors before they can early register courses thru Portal in term 202) are required to contact their Academic advisors before they can early register courses thru portal for term 202 during the forthcoming early registration period.

2. As per new procedure, all students eligible for early registration have been assigned advisor approval hold. The steps for advisor approval for early registration is given below:

  • Contact your Academic Advisor to discuss your academic progress and registration plan.

            Note: Due to current Covid-19 situation, you need to contact your Advisor either through email or through Microsoft teams, Zoom, etc.

  • Get Advisor’s online approval by releasing Advisor hold prior to Early Registration period. .
  • Go to to early register for courses during the Early Registration period.
  • Early Registration schedule will be announced later.
(If you do not know your academic advisor; either you can get it thru, or from your Department Chairman).

3. Students, who do not contact their Academic Advisors by Sunday, 8th Nov, 2020 will not be able to early register for the term 202 until the advisor hold is released.

Note: The following student are NOT required to get Advisor Approval for early registration.
• Students expected to graduate in term 201.
• Students registered in Coop Program in terms 201 or 202.
• Students conditionally admitted in term 201.
• Students enrolled in special programs such as MX, EMBA, SEN, Female MBA Students, etc.