Registration Information for Preparatory Students in Term 162

Sunday 5th Feb, 2017 (7:30 AM onwards) – Wednesday 8th Feb, 2017 (upto 4:00 PM)

All Preparatory Students ( New & Continuing) should submit registration confirmation in order to formally register for term 162. This can be submitted thru KFUPM portal from Sunday 5th Feb, 2017 (7:30 AM onwards)
Steps to submit Registration Confirmation thru KFUPM PORTAL:

  • Go to KFUPM Portal at
  • Enter your KFUPM Email user name & Password
  • Click Registrar Services Tab
  • Go to Student Registration Confirmation Channel
  • Check your mobile no. – If it is incorrect or blank, enter your correct mobile no and then click ‘Update Mobile’ button.
  • Click I CONFIRM REGISTRATION FOR TERM 201620" button to confirm your registration.
  • The following message will be displayed
“You have successfully confirmed your registration for term 201620”

Click here for detailed Steps

Note: 1. Preparatory students can view or print their schedule thru (Step by step PowerPoint presentation on how to view class schedule is provided in our website
2. Any student facing problem in accessing portal can contact help desk at Bldg # 14 in order to have the problem resolved.

Very Important: Registration confirmation for Preparatory Students is the only proof of registration for term 152. Failing to do so will result in dropping of all courses after the last day for registration 20th Jan, 2016 (after 4 PM).