Guidelines for Conducting Exams at KFUPM

In order to maintain the high academic standards within our University, these guidelines for conducting examinations are written to help prevent as well as to manage incidences of exam-related misconducts. In this regard the responsibilities of students are clearly spelled out as follows:


  • Bring along the University identification card to the exam hall.
  • Have a clear understanding of the meaning of cheating and its consequences as stated in the University Study and Examinations Regulations Article.38 “Cheating, or attempting to cheat, or violating instructions and examination regulations shall render the offender subject to punishment in accordance with the student disciplinary rules as issued by the University Council” along with its implementation rules.
  • Avoid wearing any suspicious clothing, unless necessary, during exams such as hats, abnormal clothing ...etc during exams.
  • Avoid carrying unauthorized material to the exam hall such as mobile phones.
  • Bring all necessary material/tools which have been announced by the instructor prior to the exam and not to share any of his belongings (calculator, pen, pencil…etc.) with other students.
  • Adhere to all KFUPM and instructor examination rules.
  • Be cooperative with Instructor and Proctors and follow their instructions.