Early Registration for Coop Program in Terms 193/201 thru Portal

Registration Timings thru Portal

Students' Category Day Date Timings
Students eligible to register in Coop Program in term 193/201 Sunday - Thursday 9th - 13th Feb, 2020 From 8:00 AM on Sunday to 11:59 midnight on Thursday (at all times)
The registration in Coop Program requires the following:

Registration of Coop Course thru portal by the student during the above period.

Example: Add coop course 350 in term 193.

Course # 351 will be added to all Coop Registered students in term 201 by Office of the University Registrar at a later stage.

Approval by the Department Coop Coordinator.

3. Fulfillment of all requirements as per University Regulations as well as Approval from Office of the University Registrar.
The Coop Program should NOT be taken by the student in the last term before graduation.