Early Registration for Coop Program in Term 202/203 thru Portal

Registration Timings thru Portal

ClaStudents' Category Day Date Timings
Students eligible to register in Coop Program in term 202/203 Sunday - Thursday 27th Sept – 1st Oct, 2020 From 8:00 AM on Sunday to 11:59 midnight on Thursday (at all times)

The registration in Coop Program requires the following:


1. Registration of Coop Course thru portal by the student during the above period.

Example: Add coop course 351 in term 202..

Note: Course # 352 will be added to all Coop Registered students in term 203 by Registrar Office at a later stage.

2. Approval by the Department Coop Coordinator

3. Fulfillment of all requirements as per University Regulations such as Approval from Coop Office..

Note:  Coop Course (#351) will be registered in term 202 by Registrar office for those students who took Coop course (#350) in Summer Session (193) and are currently taking regular courses in term 201.