172 Registration Events

Note: 1. All Preparatory, Undergraduate & Graduate Students (excluding students registered in Coop in term 172) should submit registration confirmation thru KFUPM portal.
(Step by Step PowerPoint presentation on how to confirm thru portal is provided in our website http://registrar.kfupm.edu.sa ).
2. Students can view or print their class schedule from KFUPM portal http://portal.kfupm.edu.sa .
(Step by Step PowerPoint presentation on how to view class schedule is provided in our website http://registrar.kfupm.edu.sa ).

Academic Calendar

Day Date Timings


21st Jan, 2018

1. Registration confirmation thru portal (7:30 AM Onwards)

2. Course Add/Drop thru portal (7:30 AM Onwards)

3. Classes begin

Wednesday 24th Jan, 2018

1. Last day for Registration Confirmation (up to 4 PM)

2. Dropping Non confirmed Students (After 4 PM)

3. Last day for adding courses

Thursday - Thursday  25th Jan- 1st Feb, 2018 Submit DROP request thru portal in case of dropping courses without permanent record*
*Students should check later thru portal whether their drop request has been approved and processed. 

Registration Timings thru Portal

ClaStudents' Category Day Date Timings
All Undergraduate & Graduate Students Sunday - Wednesday 21st - 24th Jan, 2018 From 7:30 AM on Sunday to 4:00 PM on Wednesday (at all times)
Elgible Prepratory Students (to add Freshmen courses only)*
*Visit our website http://registrar.kfupm.edu.sa/ for more details regarding adding of freshmen courses by eligible preparatory students.

Registration Locations (21st- 24th Jan, 2018)

Location Student Categories
Bldg # 68, Room # 053 (Ground Floor)   Preparatory & Undergraduate Students
Bldg # 68, Room # 246 (2nd Floor) Graduate Students
Note: All the University PC labs can be used for adding or dropping courses.