Current Semester

Academic Calendar 1438/1439H (2017-2018): First Semester (171)

Sunday26 Dhu al-Hijjah 1438H17 September 2017REGISTRATION thru KFUPM Portal; Classes begin
Wednesday29 Dhu al-Hijjah20 September Last day for late registration; Last day for adding courses
Sunday4 Muharram 1439H24 SeptemberNational Day Holiday
Thursday8 Muharram 28 SeptemberLast day for dropping course(s) without permanent record
Saturday17 Muharram7 OctoberNormal Sunday Classes
Sunday-Thursday18-22 Muharram 8-12 OctoberRegistration for Co-op in term 172/173
Sunday2 Safar22 OctoberMidterm grade reports due in the Deanship thru KFUPM Portal (2 weeks)
Thursday6 Safar26 OctoberLast day for dropping course(s) with grade of "W" thru KFUPM Portal*
Thursday5 Rabi'I 23 NovemberLast day for withdrawal from all courses with grade of "W" thru the Univ Registrar Office*
Sunday8 Rabi'I 26 NovemberBeginning of Early Registration for the Second Semester, 2017-2018 (172)
Thursday3 Rabi'II 21 DecemberLast day for major exams; Last day for withdrawal from all courses with grade of "WP/WF" thru the University Registrar Office*
Thursday10 Rabi'II 28 DecemberLast day of classes for the term
Saturday-Wednesday12-23 Rabi'II30 Dec'17-10 Jan'18Final examinations
Thursday24 Rabi'II11 January 2018Last day for faculty to submit grades to the Deanship (2:00 PM); Official Graduation Date
Sunday4 Jumada'I 1439H21 January 2018 Beginning of Coop & Registration for Term 172

* In case of withdrawal from all courses, "Clearance Form" from Student Affairs should be presented to the University Registrar Office along with the "Withdrawal Form".
U=15, M=15, T=15, W=15, R=15